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Jix is dead

I had a bug report from lizuza - Jix doesn't work any more.

It looks like the format of the data that you get back when you log in has changed.

R.I.P. Jix, my old friend.
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Jix still works! [Edit: oh no it doesn't]

I haven't used Jix in a couple of years, so I was surprised to find that it still works. I could upload a picture!

The only problem I had was that the thumbnail URL format doesn't work any longer, but that won't matter unless you use Jix to post to your journal after uploading pictures.

Everything else about livejournal seems to be a bit rubbish nowadays, though...

Edit: thumbnail URLs still exist, but they're different:
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Problem uploading larger files

I've been having trouble uploading large image files with Jix. I've raised a support call, and asked in lj_dev but it's all a bit quiet.

Jix is still working for smaller files, and I think that when it goes wrong depends on your connection speed.

I think that it's Scrapbook that's broken, not Jix. The error that's returned doesn't make sense. I've tried uploading the same files with Semagic and got the same problem.

So apologies to anyone who's having this problem. Me too. 8~(
Uploading from the Scrapbook web page still works fine.
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"XML has no content"

When you log in, Jix may give you an error message ending with "XML has no content". There seems to be an intermittent problem on the LJ ScrapBook server that causes this.

I have a support request open and I'm told that LJ developers are looking at the problem. I've seen both failure and success with logging in, so if this happens to you, it may be worth trying again later.

Update: this problem should now be fixed.
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Jix tools

You can set up your own tools in Jix. This lets you do things like open a picture in your favourite image editor. When you're setting up tools (menu: Tools, Configure tools) you can press the Help button for some tips to get you started.

However, there are some quirks, so here are some examples of how to set up a few handy things on Windows.
Explore here
This will open the Windows Explorer in the right place for the current picture.
explorer.exe /e,"%d"
Open default app
This will open the current picture with the default program, just as if you'd opened the picture from the Windows Explorer.
cmd /c start cmd /c start "Starting %f . . ." "%f"
Yes, you do need cmd in there twice, and you do need "Starting" (or some other quoted title). See what I mean about quirks?
Prompt here
This will open a command prompt in the right place for the current picture.
cmd /c start cmd /k cd "%d"
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Jix 0.4 released

Jix 0.4.0 is now available. The main change is that you can now post to LJ with your pictures after upload.

Download latest Jix version

Other changes:
  • You can define a template for the HTML that Jix generates for you after uploading: you don't have to have 100x100 thumbnails.
  • You can re-order Jix's view of the images on your computer.
  • Number of tools increased to six.
  • Improved image info dialog
  • Fixed various issues

You will get an warning about the configuration file, including the place where Jix expects this file to be. You can allow Jix to create this file for you, or if you've used Jix before and you want to preserve your previous settings (user name, window size and position, tools, etc.) you can copy the previous file there. It is called and it will be in the same place that Jix is installed, e.g. C:\Program Files\Jix on Windows or /Applications on a Mac.